Multimedia Object as Database/Interface

Screenshot of the KnightLabs Timeline on Revolutionary User Interfaces.

The following multimedia example is of a website that uses a timeline to catalogue the history and events related to information databases and their unique and evolutionary user interfaces.

The Revolutionary User Interface website has recorded several historic database devices starting from the 1600’s to modern day in chronological order. The user interface of the site itself is simple and intuitive to use and navigate. It uses an interactive timeline with the dates of the articles and allows you to slide around to access each point on the timeline. You also have a slideshow of each article that features a photo and description of the photo, and you can navigate to the next article by clicking the ‘next’ arrow or the ‘back’ arrow. The algorithm the timeline uses is a simple CSS slider code to retrieve and access information upon request. The narrative of the site is is to showcase how much advancement database devices and their interfaces have changed from several hundred years ago compared to the rapid increase in efficiency in the last decade.

When I first used this site I immediately and intuitively knew and understood how to use the multimedia featured. It offered a simplistic and basic design that was as easy as picking up and reading a book.  The information of each article was clear and concise and offered relevant information for each device featured. With the ease of use and uncluttered interface, it made me feel able to fully invest my attention on the content without distraction.

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