Critical Digital Culture: Modernism, Post-Modernism and New Aesthetic

I think “To Kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee is a great example of Modernism because it criticizes the ugliness of old southern history and culture that thrived on prejudice and subjugation. Harper combines the coming of age tale of children with the promoting the regression of Southern morals. She describes the positive points of of Southern politeness and how it should be in the hands of both the white and black peoples. The children of the story reflect the hopeful strength of breaking old traditions to construct a new southern society.


A great example of postmodernism is One-Punch Man by the author ONE. OPM is a Japanese comic that offers a satirical take on the superhero genre of comics, where the premise is a man who gets so strong that he can defeat any villain with a single punch. The beauty of this concept is that the hero is completely bored with being so strong and is a reflection of readers fatigue with characters like Superman, who always win. The self referential humor pokes fun at every hero trope including ridiculous characters, dire situations being diffused easily and more. Even the art becomes very meta in certain situations, where super detailed art is juxtaposed to simple art, symbolizing that despite using traditional means to tell the story, it is a parody of itself.

One flavor of trans-modernism I like is the New Aesthetic, and a great example of this are memes. A mix of post-modern and relationism, reminiscent of the Dada art movement, belonging exclusively to internet culture. Memes are a form of artistic freedom, destruction and almost fully self-referential, they are a form of new aesthetic that relate to how we view the world and ourselves. Memes are always changing and evolving of of themselves and almost never resemble what they used to be from years ago. Even New Aesthetic itself is completely outdated and replaced by new referential works. What makes memes truly interesting is that anyone and every can participate, adding to and evolving things further and further, like post-modernism but with the influence and speed of a virus, which is best defined by the New Aesthetic catchphrase “going viral.”

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