SoundSalad Compositions

For this first sound salad, I was trying to convey a sense of tension and conflict. The underlying static sound effect slowly and surely given weight by the ringing bells that increase in speed, given a climax, leading to a dreadful moan that emphasizes the absurdity of the ‘meow’ sounds. With this mixdown, I was trying to almost tell a story, as if a cat were hit by a speeding train in some way, and then it would haunt the audio further.

For the ringing noise, I duplicated and crossfaded each clip into a progressively faster beat. For the violin-like squeal proceeding the ringing, I enhanced its volume and added a distortion effect to bring it to a rise for the climax. For the moaning noise, it was a yell that was slowed down, given a low reverb and then distorted further, making it a creepy and confusing. For the meow noises in the second half, I changed the pitch on each clip, making it progressively higher, then suddenly dropping it low. Finishing the mix is a warbling noise, made from an oscillating fan sped up.

For this sound salad I attempted to create music from chaos. Even with random noises and strange unpleasing sounds, the only thing keeping it from being music, is order and measured repetition.

There are 3 layers of repeating patterns; the first is the constant ‘shh’ sound that provides the overall rhythm, made by taking a bowl being scraped and cutting it short to a fraction. Then the melody is a single, unedited chair scraping noise with a reverb added. On top of those is a sonar-like ping noise that is mitigated throughout the beat, the vocals. Mixed in with the vocal layer is a low tone that breaks up the song. Finally is the chorus of a single ‘gonk’ sound effect that repeats every three bowl scrapes, and doubles every third time.